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First Look! ”The Game” (Menatplay)

Starring:  Wilfried Knight, Jake Genesis, Issac Jones, Morgan Black, Samuel Colt

wet dream in the making


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The pics above , the story snippet below are too hot to be put into the Tumblr queue.  ONYX’s Black Mage on Campus is a classic transformation tale.  I’ve seen the GIF of this hot cop taking off his shirt but the others are new to me and are even hotter.  Good job, Honey Pot.  You’ve made my Tumblr-day.


…The Police cruiser tore through the small town of Remington. Inside it, the Officer’s heart beat rapidly out of control and he dripped sweat like a faucet. White knuckled hands gripped the wheel for dear life.

My name is Sloan Gudock.

My name is Sloan Gudock.

Now just say it.

Say my name is Sloan Gudock.

“My Name is Officer GOOD COCK!” He yelled triumphantly at the top of his big lungs.

Oh god…

Oh god…

He looked down at his navy blue pants and only saw a great expanse of orange fake tanned thigh. Big engorged quads led into bloated calves that were devoid of hair. His legs had always been covered in a thick grass of black hair… these puffy distended thighs were the color of a brown melon. He knew that they were spray tanned and bronzed by a lovingly narcissistic hand. His pants were now vinyl blue hot pants that left a ridiculous bulge in his lap. His crouch looked like a distended fruit bowl. 

With a shaky hand he untied the lace string that held the skimpy plastic panties together. His dick sprung out like a happy jack-in-the-box. A thick cockring encircled its hairless base. 

His pubes were gone.

His fucking pubes were…. Oh shit his smooth balls felt like silk… mmm… silky balls…

He fondled his clean shaved sack lovingly.

“MMMM… I love my silky slut-nuts.” He hollered to know one. He groped lewdly at his exposed genitals, one big paw all the way in his groin, tossing his junk like dice.

Fuck what’s happening to me…

The buttons on his uniform shirt burst opened. His pec’s swelled like balloons until he had to readjust his arms around their massive exaggerated size. 

Oh fuck my…

“MY Big Fucking Roid TITS!!!” He Hollered again, like a tweaker in heaven.

The cruiser zoomed past a dude mowing his lawn. He leaned out the window and announced, “I GOT BIG JUICEY MUSCLE TITS!” The guy jumped in shock then threw him the finger. 

He turned his eyes back to the road, “Oh he wants to lick on these big roid jugs,” he assured himself. He moved his hand to pull on his huge right-tit ring.

Nipple ring?


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